Physical Fitness & Drill Instructors

PF & DI stands for “Physical Fitness and Drill Instructor”. it is a trade which provides training to the selected candidates including males and females. These instructors train the trainees on how to perform physical training, parades, handling of weapons, martial arts, various sports and games, athletics, boxing, indoor activities and all outdoor games, guard of honors, sword drills, funeral parades, swimming, SSG training. PT course, Unit base parades, sailing, flight parades, surfacing, weapon training and general service training to PAF personnel. They have to prepare for the final day at the parade grounds. The trade of PF & DI is a very tough and sacred profession who has to behave very strictly with his subordinate recruits/ cadets for a tough and exemplary general service training.

Actually, these are instructors who create courage and confidence in their trainees to perform and command in the best way in front of others. The job of PF & DI is very challenging and demanding. They have to demonstrate exemplary manners in front of their subordinates. For the selection of such PF&DI the candidates have to go through various examination tests like intelligence, English, physics, mathematics, personality, and interview. We recommend the aspirants to prepare with us at our academy and can also have online practice via our website. We guarantee a 100% success rate through coaching at SLA Rawalpindi. After the passing out parade at PTTS, PAF Base Kohat these trainees will report to the School of PF & DI at PAF Kohat for their trade training and professional expertise. After the successful training at school, the passed-out candidates are appointed to the rank of Corporal technician and posted at sports flights to various bases and training academies for professional duties.