Pakistan Air Force is  being commanded/ lead by the commissioned officers of various ranks stating from (PILOT OFFICER) to the rank of (AIR CHIEF MARSHAL). These officers are leading and commanding various sections, flights, squadrons, units, wings, bases, sectors, air commands formations and Air Headquarters. Thousands of serving JCOs, airmen and civilians are performing their duties under their command and control.

It is the earnest desire of every educated young Pakistani to be a commissioned officer in PAF. The basic requirement is to fulfill/ meet the criteria for registration to be an officer. Such criteria includes qualifications, heights, and other physical standards. Below merit candidates will not be registered online on the official website of PAF.  For selection of an officer one candidate will have to pass, qualify and clear the tests like intelligence test, academic test, interviews, medical examination, physical tests, and finally the ISSB tests.

The candidate may apply for any branch of PAF for which he is perfect and falls in required criteria. After their selection in the initial tests, they again would appear before ISSB for final selection/recommendation.  after the clearance of ISSB, the selected candidate will go through the medical examination conducted at services hospital of Pakistan Armed Forces. After CMB the candidate will be dispatched to Pakistan Air Force Asghar Khan Academy at Risalpur KPK for their basic / military training. Finlay they will undergo their concerned branch training / either flying or ground branches.

After successful completion of their entire period of training, they will be passed out and posted to their parent Units, Squadrons, Wings, and Bases. In this way they would command their respective sections and Squadrons etc etc.  For success in your selection as an officer in PAF you will have to make concerted efforts by working hard to qualify all the tests. However their is no shortcut way to be an officer in Pakistan Air Force.