Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is an Elite institution of our beloved country which is responsible for the safeguard and protection of our aerial borders from all sides of our country. PAF is twenty-four – seven ready to deter any aggression or infiltration of our enemies.

PAF has taught a lesson to our formal enemy India in 1965 and other wars, Operational Sentinal 2002, various operations, Kargal operation, and the war on terror which is still in action. It is pertinent to mention that 26 Feb in 2019 will be remembered as a ‘Surprize’ Day for India in the history of aerial war. The credit of these victories and successive and demonstrations all go to our jet fighter pilots (SHAHEENS OF ALLAMA MOHAMMAD IQBAL R.A) and especially those PAF Airmen who are at the front line of runway acting as support technicians for maintaining of such wars. Airmen are the backbone of PAF and are highly committed, professional, expertise in their respective trades/ performances. Our technical staff is well-educated and well-disciplined.

Owing to the transparent and on-merit selection, the finally selected Airmen are dispatched to PAF Base Kohat for initial training in PTTS. Here their initial, militant, physical, and discipline learning starts followed by educational training for 06 months approximately. After this initial training, the passed out airmen are dispatched to technical training institutes located in Karachi and Kohat. The trades are allotted after completion of initial training. All technical with A scale is sent to Airman Academy (Military Training Wing) PAF base Korangi Creek, Karachi for professional training. After training of respective trades, all airmen are sent to allotted bases for their potential professional duties and assignments.

Now we discuss how the Airmen are selected for Aero trades. First of all a candidate must have 60% marks in matric with science subject by obtaining 47% in English, secondly, his/her age should be in between 15.5 to 19 years at enrollment. For aero support age of the applicant must be in between 20 and 21 years. The minimum height should be 163CM. He will have to appear in intelligence tests, physics tests, mathematics, English, personality test, and interview. Finally, a medical examination is carried on to check fitness. We here in Shaheen Leaders Academy make the candidate to show maximum potential in tests and interview so that his selection should be possible as an Aerotechnician. We keep candidates up to date and let them solve quiz questions themselves as practice and note their weaknesses during trial exams.